Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Weekly Prayer Focus: "Henry"

Most of y'all recognize Henry's name as we've talked about him quite often. Those of you who've had the privilege of being here in the last 6 months can put a face to a name (& even his real name)!

Please spend this week praying for our brother. He is so desperate to begin a church (body of believers) in his village. For this to happen, he needs another brother (or sister) in Christ to stand with him & commit to meeting together to study the Word. Now don't get me wrong, "Henry" is not left to fend for himself each week. Someone from our team drives to his village to meet & study with him on a weekly basis. He sometimes even hops a bush taxi & makes his way to the capital city to visit with one of us for an extra dose of teaching. He just loves Jesus & the Word THAT much!

But, more times than not, he is by himself. A lone believer amidst a CROWD of unbelieving friends, family & neighbors in a village that is dark & dominated by evil. More than a handful of people in his village have professed to believe in Jesus, some even following through in baptism, but they each fall away. Much like Jesus' parable of the seeds, the cares of this world (or, more like, what they care about how the world views them) and the persecution of family & friends have choked the life out of them & they return to their former belief system.

Yet, Henry remains strong. He never ceases to sing praises to God no matter how much he is persecuted for his faith. The road he's chosen to follow is not easy. It is hard & tough & requires perseverance & faith. But, oh how glorious it would be if he could have at least one friend (or a dozen!) to walk this road with him.

Will you please earnestly pray for this to be a reality?

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