Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Helpful Information for Volunteers

It takes a lot of planning & preparation to come overseas on a mission trip! Movies make it look so easy ... one day you decide to go, the next day you are sitting pretty having coffee at a fabulous place in Paris! Trust us, it is not so in the real world ... especially West Africa! From passport & visa applications to vaccinations to purchasing airfare to all the other preparations for a trip to a lost & dying world, it takes a lot of time and involves a lot of information!! We hope that we can help you get to the field without too many hassles & you can help us once you get here by being planned, informed & ready to go!!

Here is some information that will be helpful to you in planning & some definite "need to know" as well. If you have committed to come as a volunteer with the Songhai Team, please take the time to look over & read every article that applies to you ... maybe even twice!!


The Ultimate 4-1-1
   All you need to know is right here:

For the Team Leader
   Information on how to be an effective team leader & other valuable pre-field information

Bare Bones
   A shortened version of "need to know" information for ALL volunteers!

   All the information you'll need to get the ball rolling for your trip & help you keep it rolling until you get on the plane!

Telling the Story
   Will your team be involved with sharing stories from Scripture? Then this information will be very helpful to you!

Vaccination Clinics
   Doing a medical or vaccination clinic? You will definitely want to read this!

Working with a translator
   Unless you are fluent in Songhai, you will need to read this! Working with a translator is not as easy as it looks!

   Everyone is always curious as to what they will eat in an impoverished country like Niger. Click here & find out!

Free Advice
   Here's some free advice from a seasoned missionary! Read it & take it to heart!

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