Friday, January 15, 2010

Team Leader Checklist

Paperwork Process
  • Contact a member of the Songhai Team
  • Answer a volunteer request
  • Receive a RVA Number from the IMB
  • Reply to automated e-mails from the IMB 
Form a Team
  • Explore opportunities and possibilities
  • Choose team members wisely and prayerfully
  • Research your people group, destination and ministry via our web site, orientation materials, links, etc
  • Ask questions
  • Plan organizational meetings, prayer times, and fund raisers
  • Attend Cross-Cultural Training
Complete All Preparatory Tasks
  • Secure your passport and visa(s)
  • Get all vaccinations
  • Get anti-malarial medication, antibiotics, and other personal medications
  • Register on-line at the US Embassy (each individual)
  • Fill out the IMB Emergency form on-line (each individual)
  • Obtain travel insurance (each individual)
  • Arrange for emergency funds/ contact your credit card company
  • Make travel arrangements- flight, ground transportation, etc
  • Contact your air carrier to know current carry-on and checked baggage limitations
  • Send copy of travel itinerary to the field
  • Know what to bring and how to bring it
  • Obtain police background checks for each volunteer, bring copies to the field, required by the IMB
  • Complete Child Protection Training, required by the IMB
  • Obtain special documents for travel and customs from your church
  • Make on-field housing arrangements
  • Study all pre-field orientation materials listed on/ linked from pre-field orientation page
  • Copy, read and discuss all materials
  • Confirm that all team members have read and understood all materials
  • Assign each team member a specific part of team ministry
  • Ask questions
  • Secure ministry supplies
  • Gather a prayer support team
  • Shop for personal items and medications
  • Secure a budget from the field no less than one month before arrival with instructions on how to transfer funds to the field
  • Plan daily debriefing/devotional time
  • Receive a schedule and team goals from the field
  • Start taking anti-malarial medication
  • Pack, weigh, and label (inside and out) baggage

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