Wednesday, January 6, 2010

In Daily Prayer

Day 1. Begin by praising God, Creator of this unique people, giving thanks for His love for them.

Day 2. Intercede by asking for the revelation of His plans for the Songhai,

Day 3. Salvation of the Lost,

Day 4. Openness and receptivity to the Gospel,

Day 5. Breaking down barriers of generational disobedience,

Day 6. Dreams, Visions, and Miracles that will draw the Songhai to God,

Day 7. Tangible blessings of food, water, and health to follow salvation, and

Day 8. Religious freedom.

Day 9. For those who minister to the Songhai ask for love, creativity, and compassion of the Father,

Day 10. For the mind, servant heart, and understanding of Christ,

Day 11. For anointing and protection of the Holy Spirit,

Day 12. For language proficiency and wise language teachers,

Day 13. Team members' working relationships and lifestyle witness, and

Day 14. Favored relationships with village leaders.

Day 15. Intercede for personnel ministering on the field,

Day 16. Volunteers (stateside and on the field),

Day 17. Current personnel requests,

Day 18. Strategy and Team development,

Day 19. Songhai believers' faith and daily walk,

Day 20. Relationships between Christians and Muslim/ Animist family members,

Day 21. Local village churches and leaders,

Day 22. Outreach ministries in West African cities,

Day 23. Songhai Bible translation work in Mali,

Day 24. TransWorld Radio and other broadcasts reaching the Songhai,

Day 25. Literacy training,

Day 26. Chronological Bible Storing,

Day 27. Discipleship,

Day 28. Health care concerns,

Day 29. Jesus and God's Story film translations and showings,

Day 30. Water concerns, and

Day 31. Hunger Relief projects.

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