Saturday, December 11, 2010

Songhai T-Shirt

Another ingenious idea from the creative Joneo

We all know you want to get the word out about the Songhai but maybe find it a little intimidating to move the conversation from last night's dinner to a people group in West Africa. How about a T-shirt? Nothing creates a great conversation like an interesting & unique t-shirt! The instructions are simple. The time & cost involved are minimal. The questions & conversations you'll receive will be priceless as you spread the word about the Songhai!

For those of you who take the challenge to make your own Songhai t-shirt, please email us a picture so we can post it on the blog!

The first picture is your instruction sheet. The second picture is for a large design for your shirt, the third picture is for a medium design & the last picture is for a small design.


  1. I absolutely love this t-shirt. It's such a fun way to make your own t-shirt to remember the summer by! I'm going to have to try this one out!Yes every wants to change his t-shirt with season starting.

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