The Songhai Team

The Songhai team is part of the International Mission Board's Sub-Saharan African Affinity Group - a grouping of over 600 million people.  Our Songhai Team is included in the Central Sahel Cluster.  The facts are that out of our cluster as a whole (about 8 West African countries) we have over 1000 people groups who have nearly the same number of languages.  Less than two percent of the population is considered evangelized!

Those who work on our Team and those who partner with us providing opportunities for the Songhai to hear and understand the Gospel, ministering to their physical needs as well, are many. This is a good thing, for the task is great! Each mission, project, and individual brings unique resources and giftings; each is a blessing.

Besides career, short term, and volunteer personnel sent out from the IMB, this "Greater Songhai Team" includes: local Christians, EBM (Evangelical Baptist Mission), both Baptist and Presbyterian Brazilian churches, and The Kingdom Project of Nigeria. We also work with local radio stations, Campus Crusade for Christ / "Jesus Film," the Joshua Project, Bethany, TransWorld Radio, World Horizons, Christ in Every Home Ministry, 30 Days for Prayer, SIM, SIL/Wycliffe, Hope for Europe / 30 Days of Prayer for Muslims, and other Great Commission Christians.  Each ministry and each individual, is very committed in various capacities to reaching the Songhai with God's message of love. We like to think of our "Greater Songhai Team" as a puzzle.

When a manufacturer makes a puzzle, he first puts a whole picture on cardboard, and then cuts it into little pieces, each piece having a little bit of the whole picture. He makes each piece the shape it needs to be to fit well into the other pieces, so that the whole will make a lovely picture, complete only as each piece takes its place. He makes sure all the pieces are inside the box, and then He seals it. He puts another picture on the top of the box to guide those who will be putting it together, so that they will know where each piece should fit.

Our team is like a puzzle, created by God. He put a whole picture on the board, salvation for the Songhai. Then He cut it into little pieces, each piece having a little bit of the whole picture. He made each piece to fit well into the other pieces, and some pieces He gave a straight side to form the framework. Each piece of this puzzle is a team member, each having an important task no one else can do. Each talent, each task is complementary to the others so that the whole job can be completed, from career missionary to local pastor to a US-based volunteer to another agency working with the Songhai or local Christians. Those pieces with the straight sides are the strategy coordinators and team leaders, who give the framework for ministry. His purpose is that all of us working together through Him and under His direction will bring salvation to the Songhai, when we all do what we have been called to do. He made sure all the pieces were inside the box, His protective covering, giving us everything we need to be successful and unifying us. He then sealed the box with His Spirit and His promise to never leave us. He put another picture on the top of the box, a vision in our hearts and minds, to guide and direct the process.

*Due to security reasons, we will no longer be able to post the names or pictures of our Songhai Team on this blog. Thank you for understanding.