Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Weekly Prayer Focus: Songhai Team

Please be in prayer for the Songhai Team this week.

Pray for the Phillips who will be traveling to the US for vacation for the month of November. We will be visiting 6 states in 30 days, so rest will be hard to come by. We will also be spending time with some of our partnering churches & also doing research in the States to try & locate the Songhai who live there. As many of you know, traveling with 2 small children is not for the faint of heart! Pray that the other passengers on the flights with us will have patience & grace with us as we also try to have patience & grace with our children!

Pray for the Saleebys as they work in Niamey & in villages to train our believers in discipleship & leadership. Pray for wisdom for Randy as he works with these believers. Pray for Susan as she works in Kids' Clubs twice a week in Niamey and as she visits women in the capital city as well. Pray for understanding to hear & ability to speak the language. Pray for God to give both of them opportunities to share His love & His Word.

Pray for the Foxes who are finishing up their last month of language. They will be doing more class time this month (going from classes 4x/week to 5 days per week). It will be intense times of language & longer days but this will be the last push before they move to their village full-time. Pray that their minds will stay sharp during class, they will find times to use their language outside of class, & they will find times to rest amidst their new schedule. Pray also for their girls who are continuing to adjust to their new home & surroundings. Pray that they would also begin to understand & grasp the language & be able to make friends.

Thank you for being so committed to not only pray for the Songhai people but our team as we work among them!