Thousands of believers each year give of their time and talents to share Christ with a lost world through opportunities with the International Mission Board, as well as through other agencies and as individuals. All believers have been endowed with unique personalities and abilities to minister to others. Also, all believers have been given the command to "go and tell others." Each volunteer is an ordinary Christian who has been called by God to do an extraordinary task... an obedient person, a committed person, a seeking person, a flexible person. Each volunteer is a creative, gifted individual who is prepared and knowledgeable, yet open, willing to learn, to be used, and to be changed by God.

A volunteer will learn as much, or more, about himself than his host people group. Following a project, a volunteer will never be the same again! His world view, his understanding of God, his life, his faith, his all will be transformed as he meets a bigger world and sees it through Jesus' eyes.

To the missionary, the volunteer can be a helper, a boost of energy, a link with families, friends, and churches at home, and an encouragement in many ways. Who knows but that you have been lead to us for such a time as this!


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      Burkina Faso

Helpful Information for Volunteers & Team Leaders
   All the information you need to prepare for your trip to West Africa - checklists, forms to fill out, what to pack list, information on where you'll be staying, and all other sorts of how-tos & information!

Volunteer Testimonies
   Want to know what other people thought about their trips to West Africa? Hear from countless other volunteers about their life-changing experiences from working with the Songhai people!

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