Monday, May 3, 2010

Destination: Burkina Faso (Ouagadougou)

History of Country / Population and People Groups 
   Burkina Faso, a land locked country of the Sahel, is home to over 10 million people; the Mossi (who speak Moré) comprise 52% of the total population, which includes 72 distinct people groups and four major language groups. French is the official language. Literacy is estimated at 19%. 83% of the population subsists as farmers. Religious make up consists of animism 40%, Muslim 50% and Christian 10%. Ouagadougou is the capital city of Burkina Faso, a former French colony called Upper Volta. The present government is favorable to Christian involvement and aid programs. There has been an increase in crime and some political tensions in the recent past.

Housing for Guests / Cost Estimates 
IMB Guesthouse 
   Many of the rooms have doubles and a twin bed inside, but it varies. Some are just twins. It has 10 rooms. Each room, except for one, has its own bath and shares a common kitchen/ living area.

   Adults over night stay - 5000 CFA/ night
   Air Conditioner - 400 CFA/ hour
   Washer Loads - 500 CFA/ load
   Dryer Loads - 500 CFA/ load
   Telephone Card - 2000 or 5000 CFA card

Check Out time is 12 noon. You may pay your fees in the office Monday through Friday from 7 AM to noon and from 2 PM to 5 PM or you may place your envelope, keys, and fees in the drop box as you exit.

Recommended Hotels 
   Prices are currently around 35,000 CFA per night, A/C, bathroom in the room, TV, small fridge, pool, and Internet. They also offer hotel shuttle. You can find them on the Internet if you input “Soritel Burkina Faso”.

Hotel Les Palmiers 
    Prices are currently 30,000 - 40,000 CFA per night (same amenities as the Soritel and also found on the Internet)

Specifics Unique to Your Stay 
   Porters are available; the going rate is around 500 CFA (1 dollar) per bag.
Customs is not too rigorous, but they do inspect the luggage. A nice smile, handshake and greeting will go a long way.
   A phone number is necessary when filling out white immigration card on airport arrival. (There is not a place for it on the card, but they always ask for it.)
   Air France comes in 6 out of 7 days during the week, but the schedule changes about twice a year.
   Air Maroc is another possibility, but the arrival and departure times are inconvenient. The price of the ticket is a strong motivating factor.

   Taxis are readily available in town. There is also a decent bus service between major outlying towns.

   Bank machines are also readily available to access money. A Visa debit card is the most universal.

   There are many good restaurants in town. A list of reputable places to eat and a map of their locations are available from the business facilitator at the guesthouse.

Ouagadougou Contact Information

Office phone: (226) 50-30-72-58
Business Facilitator: Kathy

Office and Guesthouse Physical Address:
Mission Baptiste Méridionale
338 Ave. President Blaise Compaore

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