Sunday, May 16, 2010

Volunteer Testimonies: Prayer

In February 2008, a partnership team from First Baptist Church, Madisonville, TN recently traveled down some of West Africa’s best bush “roads”, in search of the Songhai living in the north-eastern most corner of Burkina Faso… tiny, unmarked cow paths actually, lumpy and bumpy, dusty and dirty.

The road into a certain Songhai village was filled with travelers on this Sunday morning . By the hundreds they came, traveling by camel, by donkey, and on foot. With joy and excitement the locals were heading to the market.

We dream of another Sunday morning, far in to the future, on The Narrow, Smooth Road, where people will be streaming into every Songhai village in Burkina Faso to worship Jesus, Our Risen Savior and Lord. Join us in praying for that day! Join us in sowing the seed of the Word among the Songhai.

The Songhai Team and Lon
First Baptist Church, Madisonville, TN
February 2008


My trip to Niger has given me a whole new perspective for the vast spiritual needs that still exist in our world. Far too often we are lulled into a sense of comfort that technology will spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. How we have deceived ourselves! While in Niger, I had the amazing opportunities to share the Gospel Message in the shade of a Muslim mosque, with the staff of an entire school, and with countless Songhai people going through their daily chores. Oh that God’s Holy Spirit would crumble the wall of lies built around their hearts and lead them to true freedom in Christ!

October 2008
Southern Baptists of Texas Convention


Where the desert sands of the Sahara meet the water of the Niger River there lives a people whom the rest of the world has passed over, who live in great poverty. Our SBTC team ministered for one week with these people in prayerwalking, evangelistic cassette distribution, and discipleship for local believers. We saw children dying, and yet people were polite to us. We saw the hungry, and yet they invited into their homes and offered us food. We saw the workers: farmer, brick makers, taxi drivers, market vendors, and fishermen who would all stop their work to talk with us. We spoke of Jesus Christ, and yet they were not offended.

Personally, God showed me that He loves people from every dark corner that exists in this world. We, as believers in Jesus Christ, must go to these dark corners that are so neglected by the rest of the world.

There is a hunger to know God here that is not fulfilled in traditional religion. Jesus Christ will be the fulfillment of all joy for the Songhai. Come, the hungry are desperate.

October 2008
Southern Baptists of Texas Convention

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