Want some additional resources to guide you in learning about, praying for or preparing to come meet the Songhai?

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   One Minute Prayers
   2011 Desktop Calendar
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Language Helps
    Learn a phrase or two, listen to the New Testament and so much more! It never hurts to have a leg up on your language when coming to meet the Songhai people!

  Watch 3 great videos produced by the IMB or our team & learn just a little bit more about the Songhai people, prayers being answered & what you can do to be a part of this team!

FREE resources
   Who doesn't like free stuff? Why not order a few things about the Songhai people & pass them around to people you know? It's always great to have reminders lying around to pray for the Songhai & it's even better when they are FREE! Choose from magnets, postcards, desk calendars & much more as you seek to increase your commitment to pray for the Songhai!

West African Storying Cloth
   Need a large visual reminder to pray for the Songhai? Maybe a tool for teaching others about the Songhai? For a very low cost, you can order your very own Storying Cloth, much like the ones we use on the field to teach the illiterate Songhai people about God's Great Story!

   Here are a few good books available about the Songhai people:
      In Sorcery's Shadow by Paul Stoller
      Embodying Colonial Memories by Paul Stoller
      Scribe, Griot & Novelist by Thomas Hale
      The Epic of Askia Mohammed by Thomas Hale
      The Royal Kingdom of Ghana, Mali & Songhay by Patricia & Fredrick McKissack
      The Songhay Empire by David Conrad
      Songhay, The Empire Builders by Phillip Koslow
      Sword, Seal & Koran by Siaf Millar
      Songhay by Tunde Adeleke
      A Glorious Age in Africa by Daniel Chu & Elliot Skinner