Monday, February 22, 2010

Language Helps

Here are a few helpful sites or resources to give you a little help in learning the Songhai language ...

Faith Comes by Hearing
   This organization is a vital part of our ministry with the illiterate Songhai people. They have recorded on a solar powered radio the ENTIRE New Testament in the Zarma language (the Niger dialect of Songhai). Check out their website & listen to a sample of Songhai. Or, if you feel so led, order one for a Songhai believer.

Cawyan Zarma Sanni
   Learn the Zarma language! Again, the Zarma language is the Niger dialect of Songhai. This is a great site for learning the language or just some key phrases. It also has information about the culture, music & much more!

West African Languages
   Listen AND read the Songhai language! This page lists a handful of West African languages (both Songhai & Zarma included) where you can listen to greetings & small conversation starters as well as follow along with a printed guide!

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