Saturday, May 15, 2010

Volunteer Testimonies: Field Support

Sensing the missionary call as a child but not following through until adulthood could cause one to give up on that dream. But just when you think “It’s too late” or “I can’t go,” a miracle unfolds right before your eyes.

That miracle happened to me. It seemed as if God walked up to my heart’s door and clearly said, “Look what’s been waiting-just for you, just for now!” For many years I wanted to serve as a missionary, specifically to Africa. God, in His wonderful mercy, opened many doors of impossibility for me to come and work in Niger.

In December 2007, I came from Fort Caroline Baptist Church in Jacksonville, FL to be a part of God’s work with the Womble family here in Niger. I worked with their children for several weeks. Immediately I could tell what they were thinking, “Wow! History... the Colonial Period... just what we wanted to do over our Christmas break!” No, seriously, they were great students, and I enjoyed spending time with each of them.

I do remember a group activity where they encountered more than their share of communication problems, while building the ‘Tower of Babel’ as we like to call it. Their individual personalities and giftedness became evident as they worked through various projects. I saw Mary’s creative side in her southern plantation replica. Brady’s love for adventure emerged as he traded the routines of life in Africa to ride the high seas in search for whales! Ruth’s gift of detail was amazing! You should have seen her Triangle Trade Route. The ships were full of various imports / exports she created and strategically placed aboard each ship. Many more stories to tell... for another day.

I also had the opportunity to go to one of the villages and help distribute dolls, balls, and other gifts provided by North Point Baptist Church, Gaffney, SC. The sights I saw while traveling to the village brought a sad reality of the harshness of life in Niger.

I saw first hand what it’s like to wake up each day in the face of a vastness of spiritual lostness. I’m deeply moved by the overwhelming sadness, sickness, poverty, uncleanness, and death all around. My heart aches for all the people groups here in Niger and across the African continent. In the midst of it all, I know God’s hand is at work demonstrating His love to these hurting people... one life at a time.

I’m very grateful to those who have sacrificed and committed their lives to serve the Lord here. I saw God’s faithfulness in the way He abundantly provided and protected them.

Although my journey here was for just a short time, I pray God has used my ministry in a purposeful way to help reach lost souls for Jesus. I’ve grown in my walk with the Lord because of my experiences among the missionaries and Songhai people. God has changed my heart forever!

Peggy, MK Education
December 07

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