Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Adopt a Village

Several village adoptions have been carried out in the past. Both those who have adopted a village and the village that was adopted have been blessed. The key to this relationship has been focused and constant prayer. Through prayer, the spiritual and physical situations in these villages have been changed, and the eternity for some people has been altered.

This is a way to be involved in missions without leaving home. Stand in the gap for the Lost. Encourage Christian leaders on the "front lines". Through prayer, you can be part of bringing the Gospel message of Jesus Christ to those who have not heard.

We would like to extend this project into other Songhai villages, where ministry is already taking place or where God is leading to begin ministry. Whether as an individual or your family, church group, home group, whatever, if you would like to participate in this ministry of prayer and encouragement, please email us at

Here is how it all works:

  1. Contact The Songhai Team and let them know of your desire to be a part of this ministry and the length of your prayer commitment. This length of time is for you/ your group and God to decide.
  2. Read about the Songhai people's life-style and customs, beginning on this blog. You might be able to find information at your local library too. Locate your village on a map.
  3. Pray for your village and local church planter, using the listed prayer subjects below as a guide.
  4. The Songhai Team will send periodic updates about the village, church planting, discipleship, community development projects, etc. In addition, sign up on our monthly prayer letter list, which will contain information from time to time about your village and local church planter.
  5. You can be creative in your ways of encouragement. Often the church planter and their family are the only Christians in their village. Cards and small packages can be a blessing beyond what you can imagine. Just to know that someone is thinking of you and praying for you can be a real blessing.

This is you can expect from our team ...

  • Joy and gratitude for being a part of what God is doing among the Songhai
  • Information about the Songhai people & a specific village where Songhai people liver
  • E-mail updates concerning your village
  • A monthly prayer letter from the Songhai Team

This is what our team expects of you ...

  • Daily, informed intercession for your village and church planter for the length of time of your commitment

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