Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The 4-1-1: Souvenirs

While in Niger, there will be few times when someone is not trying to sell you something. Some of the more popular souvenir items available in a wide range of prices are leather crafts, silver and gold jewelry, knives and swords, soapstone carvings, local paintings, bronze crafts, material, and tailor-made embroidered clothing. You will need to bargain for whatever you want, beginning with a third of the asking price and moving up until a compromise can be worked out between you and the seller. It is a game, but please be respectful of the vendor. Some people find it helpful to keep a small pad of paper and pencil or a calculator handy when shopping to facilitate "talking" with a seller.
We will caution you to remember that there are limitations to what you can import into the US. Crocodile skin, lion claws and ivory are prohibited items. Please contact the US Customs Service for current information.

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