Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The 4-1-1: Cameras & Photos

Cameras and Photos
Photography in and around public buildings (which includes the airport), TV / radio stations, police/ security guards, military installations, and border crossings is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
Otherwise, taking pictures is permissible but requires sense and sensitivity. Not everyone will be delighted or indifferent to being the subject of your photo. For more individual pictures, you will have to develop a rapport with your intended subject. A payment may be demanded (10 - 25 cents). Most village folks respond well to digital cameras when they can see their picture instantly and even better to a Polaroid One-Step when they can have the picture. Some do not want their photo made. Please respect their privacy and wishes. Would you want someone you did not know walking into your backyard and photographing your home or your children at play?

Do not promise to send pictures back to individuals in a village.
Often we have found that if a large group is working in one place, it is better if one person is "assigned" to do the photographing for that event. Later, copies can be made for all.
It is helpful to us if you can send us copies of your best prints or digital pictures on CD to post on our Web site or use in other publications. Thank you.

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