Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Weekly Prayer Focus: National Partners

In the last month, the Songhai team has sent out 2 pairs of national partners along the Road to Karma. These 2 pairs of men are spending 4 days a week in each of their respective villages & using the E2E curriculum to do wide seed sowing & evangelism. We'd ask that you spend this week praying for these 4 men.

Two of the men are living in Boubon. They have already seen a great response to their work & have even baptized one man already! The other two are living in Karma & have received great persecution. They were forced out of the one house they were living in last week. After finding a new house to rent, the landlord was very hospitable & agreed to let them live there. However, this certain group of men who has been causing so much trouble since we stepped foot in Karma has pressured the landlord to kick out our national partners!

Please pray for both these pairs of men. For the Boubon men, pray that the openness to the Gospel would remain & many would hear the Truth of God's Word & respond by giving their lives to Christ.

For the Karma team, pray that the many, many efforts of this group of trouble makers would be thwarted. That even they would hear & respond to the Truth of God's Word. That they would become like Paul & become the evangelists rather than the persecutors. Pray for our national partners that they would stand strong in their faith & continue to proclaim Christ amidst the struggles.

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