Sunday, March 6, 2011

Requests from Gomer in Accra

Dear Friends,

I come to you this evening in a very somber mood asking for your earnest prayers.  It has been an eventful and sometimes heartbreaking day.

Please be in prayer for Mitch* and his family.  Barbara* his wife started having some very painful cramps in the lower stomach area last night.  A trip to the clinic and then to the hospital revealed that she is about 6 weeks pregnant.  However the stomach cramps may have been the result of miscarriage.  It will take some time to know for sure, so be in much prayer for the whole family in this matter.  Mitch and I talked a lot about it today and he is very sad knowing the possible likely outcome. (UPDATE: It is with a heavy heart I come to you this evening asking you to continue to pray for Mitch* and his family.  Last night Barbara* was hospitalized.  This morning it was confirmed that the pregnancy has ended.  She is home now.  Please continue to pray for this wonderful family.  Pray as they go through the healing process, both physically and emotionally. This family has gone through so much in the last few months, pray for peace and healing in this family.)

Today we did go to the onion market area and while there I heard news that thrilled me, overwhelmed me and made me realize just how much I rely on God and His Holy Spirit here.  One young man who has been a good friend told me that he really needed our prayers, he has told the elders he will not go to the Mosque to pray and that he will be following Jesus.  He is very uncertain as to what to expect in the next little bit.  I am thrilled he has the courage to stand up for Christ in this manner.  Please pray for him as he travels this narrow winding path.

One of the other young men said he and two others would come to my house on Wednesday to talk, it will be good conversation I believe.  Two of them are ready to follow Jesus and the third seems eager to know what his friends are being moved to accept.  Pray as we minister to these young men that the Holy Spirit will give them courage and strength to endure what they know is coming in persecution.

Pray for the young Albasan guys, pink-eye has been running epidemic here.  We have been out and seen these young fellows with nearly swollen shut, bloodshot, oozing eyes just suffering in misery.  We have tried to help all we can, but it is just so much bigger than what we can do.  Pray that God will touch them with His healing Hands of mercy.

Pray for our next team currently here.  It is an Adult team from First Baptist New Orleans and it is a great group.  Pray for our obedience and that God will do great things in and through this group.  They really have put in a tremendous amount of time praying and preparing for this Mission.  I look forward to what is going to happen in the hearts and lives of many Songhai as God works through this group.  We will be going to the onion market a lot and this is a tough place to minister.

Pray for me as I host this team.  Pray also as I prepare to visit the States for a few weeks.  I am praying that God will give me ample opportunity to share with as many as I can what He is doing here.  I will also be trying to raise the funds to stay here a little longer.  Pray that I will be in God's will in all I do.  I do plan to spend some good quality time with my family!  Pray that everyone will be healthy and happy.

Praise God for the Bissa people group team from Scotts Hill Baptist of Wilmington N.C.  Pastor Jimmie Suggs lead a team that saw many make decisions for Christ!  I had the pleasure of escorting one of the fellows and the team to the sea where he was baptized!  It is great to see new family members coming into the family.

Please pray for the people of Islam, I know the stereo typical picture our media has painted of them, but folks please believe this, God is working in the lives and hearts of many humble, love seeking Muslims, and we all know there is no love outside of God! and there is no other way to Him but by Jesus!

  • Please pray for Mitch* and Barbara* as they go through what ever is happening with this pregnancy.
  • Pray for the young men who are accepting Jesus.  Pray that they will find true strength and comfort in the Holy Spirit. 
  • Pray for Mitch and I as we minister and reach out to them that we will allow God to work through us.
  • Pray for the young folks suffering with the pink-eye, pray that the end of this is near.
  • Pray for the First Baptist New Orleans team as they prepare and come this week. 
  • Pray for me as I prepare for the team and as I prepare to visit the states to see family and friends, but also that I will be faithful to tell everyone I can the wonderful things God is doing here!
  • Praise God for the Scotts Hill Baptist team and for the people they saw respond to the gospel by accepting Jesus as their Savior. 
  • Pray for the people of Islam, that God will continue to work in their hearts and that they will decide to follow Jesus!

       Thank you and may God bless each of you.
       In His Service,

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