Monday, February 28, 2011

volunteer testimony - FB Hurst 02.11

What can I say?  This has been an incredible week!  Our week of discipleship with men from various Songhai villages has come to a close and my heart is so full!  Full of thankfulness for all that God has done this past week!  Full of hope for what God has planned for these men and their villages as they carry the light of the gospel throughout the region.  Full of joy for the salvation and grace of God that binds us together as brothers in Christ!   This week we experienced a touch of glory as we worshipped, prayed and fellowship with one another and the Lord! I may not see my Songhai brothers again in this lifetime, but I rejoice to see them and many more when we reach heaven! 

This was my second time to come to Niger and it has been totally different.  Our focus the first time was surveying and scattering seed in various villages in the region our church has adopted.  This time we spent an intense week discipling and modeling the church for men from this region.  I have been so struck by their faithfulness and eagerness to learn God’s Word.   Many of them come from villages where they are the only believer and have been shunned by their own family and the community.  For us in America that isn’t such a big deal, we are so secluded and self-sufficient, but for a Songhai this is everything!  These men are truly counting the cost.  When I taught on persecution, I felt so inadequate.  They have taught me so much more!  They have been so eager to learn.  They have sacrificed so much.

Spurgeon once said, “Write your name on hearts, not on marble.”  If you are considering coming on a trip like this you won’t regret it.  Paul said in 1 Corinthians that we are servants of Christ and stewards of the mystery of the Gospel and we must be found trustworthy.  I hope that you or your church will consider partnering with the Songhai team.  In all of my years of ministry I have never witnessed a more committed team of people.  They have truly become all things to all people at all costs.  I have been so blessed and sharpened by my time with them.

When I think of our commitment as a church to partner…I think of Nehemiah (who was called by God to rebuild the wall around Jerusalem) when faced with all kinds of threats, accusations and distractions…uttered these words “I am doing a great work and I cannot come down.”

To God be the glory!

Todd Campbell
Pastor - Adult / Men's Ministries

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