Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Weekly Prayer Focus: Tera

Please be in prayer for the town of Tera this week. Tera is a Songhai market town that is situated on the southern banks of the Niger River close to Burkina Faso. A church was started a few years ago but has fluctuated up & down with its commitment to meet & growth in the believers' faith. However, a few months ago, the Songhai Team held a discipleship conference for believers & over 30 men, women & children attended. These men & women desired to grow in their faith & become a Light to their community.

This week, the Songhai team held another meeting with the believers to train them in E2E (a set of key stories that works through the Bible with each one pointing to Christ). While they expected only four men to attend, TEN showed up. With this tool in their hand, these men are now equipped to lead someone through the key stories from the Old Testament all the way to Christ's death, burial & resurrection.

Please pray for these believers as they have been burdened to carry His Name to their friends & family. Pray that they would not only grow in their faith & wisdom of His Word but also in their boldness to share with their community. Pray that God would use these men to be a Light to the Songhai. Pray that they would remain strong in their faith & unified as they are persecuted & ridiculed because of their faith. Pray that the stories they learned would be embedded deep into their hearts & minds (as most of them are illiterate & cannot reference a book to remember the stories). Pray that many would hear the stories & know this to be Truth & the One True God. Pray that many would come to faith through hearing the Word & through the testimony of the believers.

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