Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July 2012 Newsletter

Dear Prayer Partners,

We hope all of you are enjoying your summer in the States!! We hear that most of y'all have had our kind of weather lately!! The Lord has blessed us with some great rains this year & we are so thankful for the cooler days where it gets down to 90 degrees!! Brrrr! : ) In all seriousness, thank you for praying for every aspect of our lives & ministry among the Songhai ... from our health, to our children, to our individual ministries, to our volunteers, to the weather & the crops of our Songhai friends, to the growth in faith of our new believers & to the salvation of many Songhai to come. I know it sounds redundant from newsletter to newsletter but we truly hope you know just how important your prayers are to our family & the Songhai ministry. We pray that God would show you that in some way & encourage you as you continue to faithfully pray for the Songhai each month!

We are also so thankful for the many of you who have joined with us in our "30 Days of Prayer for the Songhai" project for the month of Ramadan. We cannot wait to begin this journey with you in just a few days (July 20!!) & then celebrate with you in August as we look back & see what all God did during that month. Thank you for not only committing to pray for the Songhai for 30 days but also encouraging your friends & family to join with you. If you have not signed up & would like to join us, it's not too late. I'll be more than happy to send you the prayer guide today! Just email us & let us know!

Thank you again for your prayers & support!! We hope this month's newsletter encourages you as you will see many "praises" in it of all that God is doing among the Songhai as a result of your prayers!

that ALL may know HIM,

Mark & Parker Phillips <><

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