Thursday, July 5, 2012

Weekly Prayer Focus: N*

Please be in prayer for village N* this week. We recently had a team ministering in this village for a few days last month. Going into the village, we did not know of any Christians that lived there. A couple of years ago, Randy & Susan had visited this village & found no one interested in hearing the Gospel. Last month, after being in the village for just a few hours, we had been able to share with 3 different groups of people & learned that there is one believer in this village.

The believer in this village has been following Jesus for 20 years & has shared countless times with people in the village but has yet to find someone that will trust in Christ as their Savior. Although we found people willing to listen to the Gospel & some even asking for a Bible, we also did not find anyone that was willing to count the cost to follow Christ.

Recently, we also added 2 new national partners to the Songhai team. After much prayer, it was decided to send them to this village to partner with the lone believer there in trying to evangelize this village. We also knew that this believer, who's lived in this village for 5 years by himself, needed some encouragement & community with fellow believers.

Please pray for Adam*, the believer in this village. Pray that he would continue to be bold in his witness & share the hope he has in Christ with any & everyone. Pray that he would remain strong in his faith & continue to grow in His knowledge of the Word. Pray for Christ to be his Rock when he is persecuted or ridiculed for his faith.

Pray for J* & Y*, the 2 new national partners. Pray that as they are ministering in this village 3 or 4 days each week, they would find people who are willing to listen to the Gospel. Pray that they also would be bold in sharing their faith. Pray that the life they lead would be such a stark contrast to those around them that it would be obvious their joy & peace comes from the One True God.

Pray for the village. Pray that His sheep would hear His voice. As it's happened over & over again, pray for those that are seeking to have the boldness to make their way to these 3 Christians that live among them to seek out the answers to their questions. Pray that the Light would enter the darkness & that many would come to salvation in Christ.

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