Saturday, July 14, 2012

Volunteer Testimony: FB Hurst (June 2012)

Preparing for this trip, especially knowing we were doing food distribution, I knew my heart would be broken from what I saw. There is nothing you can really do to prepare yourself for what you are going to see and going into the trip I decided not to have any expectations really of what was going to happen. This allowed God to be revealed to me in many ways that I would have not thought of otherwise.

I expected to be sad most of the time seeing the babies and mothers suffering from malnutrition and it did break me down inside, but God also showed me another huge thing while I was there. He showed me that you don't have a degree in theology, read two or three devotionals everyday, be the most studious Christian or even own a Bible to believe in the Lord. Although as Christians reading the Bible daily and doing devotionals help you grow in your relationship with the Lord, the faith and belief we saw in the new believers we baptized was pure faith and belief. They didn't have to memorize verses, go to church camp, and they couldn't tell you what famous theologian said what, but I guarantee you they could tell you that something inside of them was being called to something greater and that Jesus was working in their hearts and minds.

Overall it was awesome to be with my new brothers in Christ and share food around the common bowl and assess children with them. It was an unforgettable experience and I'm looking forward to seeing them again soon!

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