Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Weekly Prayer Focus: Mehanna Road

Please be in prayer for the believers on the Mehanna Road this week. For the last 3.5 years, there has been a constant Christian presence on the Road; a national partner that has committed his time to sharing the Gospel & discipling those that believe.

The Songhai team has been blessed with 2 national partners (L&A) who committed so much of their time & efforts to the people on this road. Unfortunately, their time there has come to an end. We wish these men the best as one begins a new life with his bride & the other begins a new journey of his own. We are grateful for their many years partnering with us in sharing the Message with the Songhai.

For those on the Mehanna Road who have chosen to believe, however, they no longer these national partners but they do have each other. They have the Word (whether in written or oral form) & they have the lessons that have been taught to them from the discipleship conferences or when members of First Hurst have spent time on the road.

Please pray for these men as they continue to grow in their relationship with Christ. Pray that they will continue in any of the meetings that L&A had begun with them. Pray they will grow into a church. Pray that they will take the torch, so to speak, & be the light in their communities & villages. Pray they will grow in unity & love for one another. Pray that the absence of these national partners would make their own faith grow stronger.

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