Monday, December 12, 2011

Volunteer Testimony: FB Hurst, Discipleship Conference


    We, a team of three from FBC Hurst, Texas, arrived in Niamey on October 18th to conduct a conference for the believers of the surrounding villages.  There were eighteen men from the villages along with five other believers from the local church in which the conference was held.  There were farmers, fisherman, a metal worker, a merchant, and a gardener, all attending to grow in their faith as well as to worship and fellowship with other believers. The focus of the conference was to equip each man to tell his testimony, present the gospel, and be able to tell the Creation to Christ story.  In addition we sang hymns, prayed, ate meals, played games, laughed and cried together.  The thread that bound us all together is the belief in and a love for Jesus Christ. It was a beautiful picture of the church at work. At the end of the conference, we the teachers were humbled and blessed as each of the believers had contributed from their meager resources to purchase each of us a gift. It is the first time in my four years of going to Niger that I have seen African men, out of love; want to do something for me. We are amazed at how God is working in the lives. We ask that you pray these men will be bold in carrying the Gospel to their villages.  

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