Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Weekly Prayer Focus: Boubon

Please be in prayer for Boubon this week. As you know, the Foxes have officially moved to Boubon & are getting settled into life there. Please pray for them as they walk the streets of Boubon each day. Pray that they would be bold to share their faith. Pray that they would find men & women of peace. Pray that they would begin to form deep, meaningful relationships with a few key people in Boubon. Pray for their children to begin to develop friendships as well as get a grasp of the language. Pray for quick adjustments to life in a village.

Pray for M*, our national partner, who continues to spend time in Boubon discipling the believers. Pray that he would continue to be bold in sharing his faith with others in the village. Pray that he would be faithful to teach the believers the Word & disciple them. Pray that God would protect him as he travels each week from Niamey to Boubon & back. Pray for him as he conducts a Christmas gathering for the first time in Boubon. He hopes to show the Jesus film & read the Christmas story from God's word as well as share a meal with the believers & their families. Pray that ears would be opened & hearts would be changed.

Pray for the believers: Sam*, the first believer in Boubon. Pray that as he celebrates his first Christmas, he would share this wonderful story with his family who has yet to believe. Pray that his family would hear the Truth & understand it & believe. Pray for Zach*, the newest believer in Boubon. Pray for his faith to grow exponentially as he learns more & more of God's Word. Pray that he would also be faithful to share his faith with his friends & family.

Pray that many, many more would come to faith in Jesus Christ in Boubon. Pray that Boubon may see it's first church in 2012.

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