Monday, December 19, 2011

NEW Songhai shirts!!

The most AWESOME designer Joneo has created some fabulous new shirts for the Songhai team for 2012!! A lot of our volunteers from 2011 took the Songhai logo template to their printers & had shirts made for their trips. It was so cool to see the Songhai logo walking all over Niger last year!

Well Joneo has stepped it up a notch & designed a new shirt for this year! As you all know, one of our founding principles as a Songhai team is that God's sheep will hear His voice. It affects everything we do in terms of our ministry. Joneo & Mark collaborated to put that idea into a t-shirt. We absolutely love how it turned out!

So if you are planning on heading this way next year, print out the instructions (or email us for a PDF file with specific logo sizes) & take them to your printer. Print it on a green shirt, blue shirt, black shirt ... we don't care! Even if you are not heading this way this year but the Songhai have become a huge part of your heart & life, we'd love for you to represent in the States!

The instructions are easy. Print the design, take it to your local printer & ask them to cut it out & print it on a shirt (they have fancy gadgets for scanning it in & getting it on the shirt), pick it up & pay for it when it's ready & then look cool in your new sheep shirt.

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