Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Weekly Prayer Focus: Discipleship Conference

Please be in prayer for the Discipleship Conference that is being held for the Songhai believers in Niamey. The conference begins tomorrow (Thursday) & runs through Sunday. Pray for the team from Hurst, Texas as well as they study & prepare their lessons for the believers.

Many of the believers that will be here are brand new Christians. The majority are less than 6 months old in their walks with Christ. Pray that they would soak up each & every lesson as they are going to be fed TONS of new information about God, the Bible & their new faith. Pray that nothing would distract them during their time here in the capital. Pray they would grow by leaps & bounds in their wisdom & knowledge of the Lord. Pray they would grow in love for their fellow brothers who will be here. Pray that God would grant them boldness & confidence in their faith & they would have a burning desire to share His love with their villages.

Pray for the team to remain healthy as the heat has picked back up this month in what we like to call "mini hot season." Pray for their minds to remain sharp & for them to allow God to speak through them. Pray that God would give them wisdom as they teach & prepare their lessons.

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