Sunday, October 16, 2011

october 2011

Dear Prayer Partners,

What a month, what a month!! The new village we told you about last month has continued to grow in numbers of those who have chosen to follow Christ! We are continually amazed at how God answers each of your prayers & that many, many more Songhai are choosing to follow Him. In case you didn't read Mark's recent blog post about this, you must realize that this is NOT the norm. This is the result of your prayers & of God faithfully calling His sheep & them hearing His voice. We are eternally grateful that you have committed to pray for the Songhai. Thank you for lifting them up, as well as our family & team, every day, week or month or however God has called you to pray. Thank you for being faithful & specific in your prayers & asking God to do something bigger than any of us could ever imagine ... to go against the "norm"!

that ALL may know HIM,

Mark & Parker <><

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