Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Weekly Prayer Focus: Believers - Now What?

Thank you so much for praying this last week for the believers that attended the Discipleship Conference in Niamey that was hosted by First Baptist Church Hurst, Texas. There were about 20 in attendance & they came from all over the Songhai countryside. There came from the Mehanna Road, Tera, Boubon, Ayorou & village ND. They learned about sharing their faith & their testimonies with others, how to share the C2C story & how to be "salt & light" to their communities.

Please be in prayer for them as they have returned home. For some, they are in a village with other believers who meet weekly to study the Word. They have a community of fellow brothers & sisters in Christ. They have unity & fellowship. But for most, they are the sole believer in their villages. They are outcasts. They are persecuted for their faith. They have no one to study the Bible with & no community. When they are around their fellow brothers in a time of intense discipleship, it is a great blessing for them. But it's always hard to return home to "reality."

Pray for God to guard their minds & their hearts; to store within them the promises of His Word that they learned this week; to plant hope & assurance in their hearts; to grant them wisdom & boldness of how to share their faith with their families & friends; and that He would call out others, through the testimonies of these believers, in the village to follow Him.

Pray that the believers would be obedient to share, even when persecution is at stake. Pray they would remain strong in their faith even when it goes far against the norm of the society they live in. Pray they would speak the name of Jesus boldly & often even when they know rejection is at stake ... but doing it so that ALL may hear HIS name!

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