Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Update on the Foxes

Thank you all so much for praying for the Foxes' language evaluation this week. Just wanted to update you to tell you that they did VERY well!! This would probably be considered their "mid term" & right now they are on "fall break"! : )

They are heading out to their new home today & we'll spend an extended amount of time there before picking back up on language next month. (I don't want to give specifics for security's sake.) Please pray for them as they get adjusted to living the "village" life. Pray that their language would grow in leaps & bounds as they "put it to the test," so to speak. Pray that God would give them many opportunities to speak of His love & His salvation as they step outside their compound each day. Pray that they would begin to develop deep relationships with the people of their village. And pray for the people ... pray that as the Light goes forth that many would be called out of darkness!

Pray that their girls would adjust quickly as well & that they would find friends in the village. Pray that they would have quality time as a family ... which is sometimes very hard to do while trying to live in a village. Pray they would also have times of rest & refreshment in the Lord.

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