Friday, July 8, 2011

Weekly Prayer Focus: the Foxes

Please be in prayer for the Fox family today & next week. Yesterday, they said their final goodbyes to friends & family in the States & boarded a plane to Niger. They are en route to Niamey as I type this & should be here in about 4 hours. They will, undoubtedly, be tired & experiencing a wide arrange of emotions. Their 3 young girls will be confused by the heat, the language & the time change. It will take them quite a few days to not only adjust to the time difference but also the heat & the way of life here. It's one big adjustment process, to say the least.

Please pray for this family as they step foot into this country & their new life here. Pray for smooth & quick adjustments. Pray for peace when the Enemy attacks their thoughts. Pray for comfort when they begin to miss home & their friends & family. Pray for them to grow together in the Lord & as a family.

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