Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Weekly Prayer Focus: FBC Hurst Team

Please be in prayer for FB Hurst this week as they minister along the Mehanna Road. They will be concentrating their efforts in the village of Kouli Kwaara. While there they will be painting a clinic as well as assisting the believers in sharing the Gospel. They will be taking more of an "assistant" role this time versus leading so as to help the believers gain confidence in sharing the Gospel with their friends & family that do not follow Jesus. They will also assist the believers in beginning a church while leading Bible studies with them as well.

Please pray for the team's work at the clinic - that it would be done quickly & efficiently so as to allow them ample time to encourage & minister with the believers.

Pray that their time with the believers would be one of not only encouragement & teaching but also of spurring them on to do the task that God has asked of all believers. Pray that the believers would be bold in sharing their faith & also grow in their faith as they study God's word together.

Pray that the team would also be bold in sharing with those that have never heard. Pray that they would have many opportunities to share with the people of Kouli Kwaara.

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