Sunday, July 10, 2011

Volunteer Testimony: TCBC (July 2011)

I came with really no expectations other than: I am going to sweat A LOT! Sweating a lot, I did! I have done mission trips before but nothing compares to coming here to Niger to work with the Songhai. The people are SO nice & friendly & I have realized several things while I was here.

The first thing I realized is how blessed I am. I have way more than I need at home. If I want something, I usually get it. It is a shame that I have so much stuff laying around that I never bother with and the kids here are super excited to get my trash from lunch. I am beyond blessed.

The second thing I learned is demons are legit. I know the Bible talks about demons and says they are real but in America we don't think about it. We write that off. But I know without a doubt that they are still around. Scary thought, I know, but we as Christians do not have to worry because Jesus has our  backs.

The biggest thing I realized while here is you shouldn't overlook the people you see often. You can get such a blessing from sharing what God is up to in your life. I realized from talking to one of my friends in my youth group that God is undeniably awesome! He was put a burning desire in me that just wants the world to know about Him and the joy He can give you.

I will never forget my time here. I will always pray for the Songhai people. I know that one day someone in Tagabati will answer God's knocking. That person will make it easier for others in the village to answer. When that day comes, I will rejoice.

This time has helped me know even more that God has put a heart for missions in me. I hope to come back to Niger someday.

-- Shawna

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