Thursday, May 5, 2011

Weekly Prayer Focus: Ayorou

Please be in prayer for Ayorou this week. The believers in Ayorou are growing in leaps & bounds. The key leaders of the church are being trained in leadership development & church formation. They are learning to become a church on their own & are meeting weekly to listen to the Bible & study & pray. Even though there seems to be much "good news" coming from Ayorou, there are still hardships. Ibrahim is a single dad & struggles to provide for his family. Hamsatou's family is suffering as there are constantly sicknesses & lack of money to meet needs. The young men are persecuted & cursed in the streets for following Jesus. Yet, they remain faithful to the One who is faithful to them.

But they can always use your prayers for perseverance, for God to bless them abundantly as they have forsaken all to follow Him, for God to bind them in unity as the community shuns them. Please pray for their growth as individuals & their growth as a church. Most are barely 2 years old as believers and some less than that. They are illiterate & rely on a recorded translation of the New Testament in their language. They don't have a LifeWay to purchase books on "How to Do Church" or search online for answers to questions like, "What do I do when my family kicks me out of the house because I'm a Christian?" They rely on His Word & what they have learned in discipleship training lessons. Please pray for them to continue to remain strong & unified & for God to teach them more about Himself than they ever imagined possible. Pray that their relationship with Him would be their own & would be real & vital!

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