Friday, May 20, 2011

Weekly Prayer Focus: Living Hope Team

Please be in prayer for the Living Hope Baptist Church volunteer team this week. They will be working in Boubon throughout the week with a visit to Ayorou as well. Half of their focus this week will be for the 2 men of the team to "pick up the torch" of the national partners' work in Boubon. Will & Travis will teach stories from the E2E to the groups of men that have formed as a result of the national partners' outreach.

The women of the team (Emily, Erin, Linda & Tiffany) will be working to establish relationships & connections for the ministry that Emily & Erin will continue as they spend their entire summer in Boubon. They will be prayerwalking, sharing their testimonies & also sharing the C2C (Creation to Christ) story as they find & meet with groups of women all across Boubon. We hope that these relationships that they form this week will be the catalyst for outreach groups for Emily & Erin this summer.

One day during the week, the team will have the opportunity to visit Ayorou to meet with & encourage the believers there. Please pray for the team this week as the temperatures are soaring! They will spend almost 8 hours a day outside with little relief from the heat. Pray for their health to remain strong! Pray also for the men & women that they will have the opportunity to share with & pray for. Pray that many, many would hear the Gospel & know it is true. Pray that many would forsake all to know Christ as their Savior.

You can also keep Emily & Erin in your prayers throughout the summer as they will be living in Boubon in a very primitive manner. After the Living Hope team leaves next Friday, they will do an intensive week of language learning. When that week ends, they will pack up & head out to Boubon. They will be living in a house on the chief's compound & their focus will be to minister to women & children through sharing Bible stories using the E2E curriculum &/ cassettes. Please pray for their language, their safety, their health & all the women they will minister to.

Thank you for praying for our volunteers & for the Songhai that they are reaching!

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  1. I will praying as I got to see the house before it was worked on and got to meet the chief. Praying that GOD will do more than we can think or ask.