Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Weekly Prayer Focus: FBC Hurst Team

Please be in prayer for the team from First Baptist Church Hurst, TX this week. They will be traveling to the Mehanna Road to meet with a group of believers & take them through the "D" track using the E2E. The "D" track is composed of discipleship lessons aimed to help the believers grow in their faith & knowledge of the Word.

Pray for the team as they will also spend a few nights in the village. It is extremely hot here & the nights are not exempt from the heat. Pray for safety in travels (about 6 hours round trip from Niamey), their time with the believers & their health. The heat can do excruciating things to your body & your mental state of health!! Pray that they would be able to focus during the days despite the rising temperatures of almost 120 degrees & for their sleep at night.

Pray that the believers who have committed to come will be in attendance for each session & that they would also be able to focus on the lessons & grow in their faith.

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  1. Praying for the believers and the FBC Hurst team and of course You and Parx and the kiddos. May it be a week that is more than you can think or ask.