Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Volunteer Testimony: FBC Franklin, February 2013

The gate is open. 

All are welcome and encouraged to come in. 

Some rush in to see what is going on. 

Some that walked in leave thinking I will come back later or think this doesn’t interest me.

Some walk by with curiosity but think there is plenty of time. 

Others have no interest at all and keep walking. 

Please come in, please come in all are welcome the gate keepers encourage. 

There is plenty of room.

Several others come in while others linger at the door, curious but unwilling to risk the unknown. 

All of a sudden the gate is closed. 

Inside the gates there is laughter. 

There are fun new games.

There is beautiful music.

What are they doing? 

Things are going on inside the gate that have never been seen or imagined by the villagers. 

It looks like so much fun. 

Many would like to come in now but the gate is closed. 

They are turned away. 

They missed their opportunity. 

All they can do is look in the gate and watch the unimaginable things that are going on. 

Oh how they wish they had gone in when the gate was open. 

They could be experiencing the fun, the joy, the new adventures, the blessings if only they had accepted the invitation. 

This was the scene in village G. that we visited. Many were left to watch from the fence once the gate closed.  Cephas related this scene to accepting Jesus to all that watched from the fence.  The gate to enter heaven by accepting Jesus is open but will close without warning just like the gate to the compound closed. What a powerful analogy Cephas portrayed to the villagers.  It has left a lasting impression on me.  I pray all reading this will accept Jesus to be able to enter the gate before God closes it.


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