Wednesday, March 20, 2013

March 2013 newsletter

Dear Prayer Partners,

Thank you again for your faithful prayers for our family, our team & the Songhai people for another month. As January & February were extremely busy with family, friends & churches visiting us, March has had a bit of a slower pace. The heat has kicked into high gear with days above 110 & nights that don't seem to fall below 100. We are thankful to all be healthy even though we're hot! And we're thankful for the opportunities the Lord has given us tom minister alongside our Songhai brothers & sisters during this "slower paced" month. Mark has been able to return to the Road to Gaya twice already & is currently leading a week of NLTS seminars for our believers. We count it a privilege & a blessing to not only minister among the Songhai but, many times, we get to minister ALONGSIDE them! Six & a half years ago, when we started our ministry here in Niger, we only envisioned when the day would come when we'd be no longer toiling by ourselves but to do it with a Songhai man or woman who saw the true need of taking the Gospel to the corners of the earth. We can only give the glory & honor to God that we are now seeing it & living it. And we thank you for your countless prayers (day in & day out, month in & month out, year after year) for this to be a reality. We also can never thank you enough for your gifts to the Lottie Moon Offering/Cooperative Program that keep us here and enable us & our believers in ministry. All in all, THANK YOU!

We love our prayer partners dearly & count YOU a blessing & are so thankful for your partnership with us!

that ALL may know HIM,

Mark & Parker <><

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