Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekly Prayer Focus: FBC Franklin team

Please be in prayer for a team from FBC Franklin, Ky team this week. They will be targeting areas surrounding Niamey where we have ongoing work to minister to children through one-day VBS events. They will also be spending time in the villages sharing C2C & encouraging believers.

As some of you may know, things have been a little "difficult" for ministry over the past month with a heightened security situation. We are thankful for this team (& the other teams that have come this year) to minster alongside us despite these situations. Please pray for this team's safety as they will be in many different villages & along many different roads. No 2 days will look exactly alike!

Pray for their health & stamina as the heat is increasing each day ... especially during the times they'll be walking around doing C2C. One of the team members has already been wiped out for 2 days due to a kidney stone! Pray for the other 8 team members to remain healthy & for this volunteer to be able to regain his strength soon!

Pray also for the many, many children that will hear of God's love & plan of salvation for them this week ... many for the first time. Pray also for the men & women that will hear of the same. Pray for God to call many to salvation & for the believers in these villages to be bold in their witness. Pray for churches to be established where there are none & for existing village churches to be encouraged & strengthened as the Gospel goes forth in their "backyards."

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