Monday, February 25, 2013

February 2013 Newsletter

Dear Prayer Partners,

Thank you SO much for your prayers over this last month! If any of you who have been here in the past & happen to still receive "travel warnings" from the US Embassy here, you will know that this last month has been filled with many heightened security situations for our country (including the capital city). Needless to say, ministry here has taken a different turn as we continue to adjust to new restrictions and areas deemed unsafe for Westerners. We appreciate all of you who pray for our safety & for wisdom for us as we do ministry in this country.

In other news, if you follow our personal blog (or Facebook, Twitter or Instagram), you will already know the big surprise we received as a family ... the Lord is adding to our family! We are expecting our 3rd child at the end of August. We are so grateful for your prayers for not only our ministry among the Songhai but also our family. And this news may also explain the reason behind the lack of posts on our Songhai blog as the first trimester has been a bit of a rough go. But we do have some new posts on there that I highly encourage you to read!! The Lord is doing some AMAZING things, even amidst all these security situations. We know why the Enemy does not want us to travel outside the city ... there are so many Songhai that have yet to hear! But He is faithful & is calling SO many to Himself. Your prayers for the salvation of the Songhai are being heard & answered. Please continue to pray for many more to hear & know!

that ALL may know HIM,

Mark & Parker <><

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