Friday, February 15, 2013

News from Gomer: February 2013

Dear Friends,

I pray this finds you all in the peace and love of God. I want to truly offer to you all a big and heartfelt Thank You for all your prayers and support. There has been so much happening here in the last four months and it has been at times a rough season in some ways. We were so happy about the new place we found to live and minister, but it has brought us many challenges. We have encountered so much in the past few months, but, God has been faithful. We know we are at odds with the evil one and we know he will do all he can to derail our work. We also see God's hand of protection, we feel the peace and joy of following the true and only God. We also see that in all the crazy things that have been happening, God has continued to protect the ministry and even grow our understanding of what He has for us to do. We have seen God at work in the hearts and lives of many in the last few months, and after all, God and His message of Love and Salvation through Jesus is what it is all about anyways.

There are many things to praise God for and we have petitions we would ask you to join us in lifting up before God. We ask for His will to be done in all things.

First, I praise God for your prayers for this ministry, for Mustapha and for me. There have been many times in the past few months that the knowledge of people praying and seeking God on our behalf has been such a comfort and blessing. I know God honors the earnest prayers of His children.

I praise God for the wonderful work he is doing in the hearts and lives of some very fine young men right now. There are about four young men that have been drawing close and are really being encouraged by God to seek Him more and more. Two young men come occasionally and will fry up an egg or two and make a sandwich, when they do they always want us to pray with them before they eat. One has been showing the Jesus video to many of his friends, he even told of one friend that is starting to earnestly seek the truth of Jesus after years of defiance against Christianity. One young man who can read, has been reading the Bible and has found a great desire to know more, understand and live out what he is reading and hearing from the words of a true and living God. We have even seen some young men taking the Arabic Bibles to read. Couple weeks ago three young men took bibles and copies of the Jesus video with them, and the next week we got a visit from some of their elders. God is working, and I praise Him for His love for the Songhai and all people, I praise Him and thank Him for the opportunity to be a small part of what He is doing in the hearts and lives of so many.

Please join us in praying that through some of these young men God will raise up some leaders, some young men that will come to be missionaries, evangelist and pastors to their people. Pray that God will work through them to establish a conduit of His Truth running from here in Accra all the way to the villages in Niger, Mali and all the areas where the Songhai are. We are seeking God's guidance as to how he wants us to guide and support them as they show up, we know God will bring them. God will build His kingdom and the Songhai will be there praising Him.

God is growing and expanding our ministry. Pray that as He does, we will be faithful to do all He wills for us. Pray that we will fully seek to follow Him. We are seeing God work in some really interesting ways. We have Bissa people we are working with, these are Mitch's family and people. We are seeing God work through the Dagomba man in Kumasi. We are seeing the Songhai bringing in some friends that are not Songhai, because they seek to share with them what is piercing their hearts. I know God has my focus on the Songhai, but it is so great to see the people reach out across the ethnic, people group borders, as they seek to share Jesus. One day not too long ago, we had three Songhai, two Bissa, a Dagomba and a hillbilly from that United States all together sharing in the words of God. Pray for us as God grows us as a ministry, that we will always and only seek to do His will and share His Love and offer of Salvation through Jesus Christ His Son.

Thank you for your prayers, for your love and your support. God Bless you all.

Praise God for the work He is doing in the hearts and lives of many here. Praise Him for His love and salvation.

Praise God as He raises up Young men to be leaders in His church, sharing Christ and the free gift of Salvation through Him.

Pray for many young men to come to be pastors, missionaries and evangelist to their people. Pray that God will give them all knowledge and wisdom, that He will give them the strength to stand and courage to go forward with His words of Love and Salvation.

Pray for our ministry, that we will seek God first in all we do and that we will always and only seek to do the will of Him who called us and sent us. Pray that God will use us to grow His church and that He will give us knowledge and wisdom, courage and strength.

 In Christ we offer these praises and request to the most Holy and Righteous God.

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