Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Weekly Prayer Focus: **URGENT**

I'm going to be intentionally vague in this post for security reasons but wanted you to be able to pray.  We have an area right now that is undergoing the most amazing response to the Gospel we've ever seen.  A certain believer has led over 30 people to Christ in the past 10 months in 3 villages.  In 2 of those villages, he has led to Christ the first person ever in that village to believe.

We received word yesterday that his home village is growing more and more upset with this growing population of believers.  They especially don't like the white people coming in and teaching them.  This is pretty normal in our villages.  However, what is not normal and what is the subject of this post is what happened a few nights ago.

There are 2 sects of the main religion here.  They build different places of prayer and have different understandings of their book but, at least in Niger, have co-existed peacefully.  In this particular village, however, a dispute erupted between the two groups leading one group to attack the other while they were praying.  They used machetes and it was gruesome.  Several are dead and several are now in jail.

The believers are a bit shaken by this.  If their fellow villagers will attack someone like this, who holds basically to the same religion, how will they treat these people from Christianity?

The believers are standing firm but ask for our prayers and for wisdom.  They are considering meeting outside of the village to not draw attention.

Pray for peace in this village.
Pray for our believer's safety.
Pray for continued boldness.
Pray for God to continue to do amazing things in this village and the surrounding area.

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