Friday, June 15, 2012

Weekly PRAISE Focus: Tagabati

Instead of a "prayer" focus this week, we are PRAISING Him!!

All of you have been praying with us for months & months on end for one believer to emerge in the village of Tagabati. Last week, we learned that there is not just one believer but FIVE!!!!!!! Did you hear that? FIVE men have found salvation in Christ alone. FIVE men in a village where darkness has held its grip on it for centuries have stepped into the Light & found freedom.

One believer from village "ND" has been faithful to cross the river on a boat & share with men in Tagabati. He began doing this in February when he was crossing the river to join in on the discipleship lessons Living Hope was doing in Boubon that week. He met some men on his trips & started sharing with them. He continued to make the trek across the river in the following weeks & months to meet with these men & share his faith. He was faithful to share & God was faithful to call & now there are FIVE men who are followers of Christ in Tagabati!

So, thank you dear prayer partners for being so faithful to pray for this village. Praise Him this week as He has heard your prayers & answered!!

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