Saturday, June 16, 2012

Volunteer Testimony: FBC Marlin (Evangelism)

A year ago, God put it in a group of people's hearts to go & minister to the Songhai people. This trip has helped us grow in our walk with God, taught us ALL of God's children are special & no matter who you are or where you came from, God can use you.

Many things about this trip stand out to me. God is really using the Songhai Team to minister to the Songhai people. They really have a heart for these people. The Songhai people give a new meaning to the word 'hospitality' - they really know what it means. With being the only female on my team & knowing how women are treated, I was worried. But they respected me, too.

We went to three different villages and an awesome church service. Two things really stand out to me: (1) at village "ND," we had a Bible study with them; we prayed for them & they prayed for us, despite the language barrier. (2) At Namarou, one of our team members was teaching the children under a tree & it reminded me of Jesus and the children. It was wonderful to be in fellowship with our brothers & sisters in Christ, to love on them, encourage them & for them to encourage us.

This trip has taught me that no matter who you are, God gave you a voice & we need to use it to grow His Kingdom. We need to be prepared at all times and be ready to to tell all about the God that loves us all. I thank God for this opportunity and my team members. We are all going back to Marlin, Texas changed.

-- Kenda W

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