Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Weekly Prayer Focus: Summer Intern

Please be in prayer for Mark R, our Songhai Team summer intern. He is arriving today for a 6 week stay in our wonderful country! Over the next few days, he will be oriented to Songhai culture as well as doing some intense language lessons. He will then head to Boubon where he will serve with the Foxes in ministering to the Songhai men there.

Pray for Mark as he adjusts to the heat & culture & living conditions (his housing situation is a few steps up from Emily & Erin's last year!).

Pray for Mark as he spends 6 days in 6 hrs/day language lessons. Pray that he would be able to retain as much as he can so that he can communicate to the Songhai men in Boubon.

Pray for the men that he will encounter in Boubon. Pray that many would befriend Mark & that he would develop relationships with them despite his limited language. Pray that, more than anything, he would be bold in his witness to them & that many would hear of Christ's love & salvation for them.

Pray for his health. It's hot. It's malaria season. It's a lot to adjust to & good health is key to surviving & thriving here.

Pray that he would be an encouragement & help to the Foxes in their ministry.

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