Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekly Prayer Focus: CU team

A team of 11 from Campbellsville University will head this way tomorrow! They will spend 12 days on the field with us. We are SO excited that they are coming as this is my & Mark's alma mater. They will spend their time in Boubon painting a school & sharing C2C in the village.

Please pray for the team. It is hotter than hot right now. These students will spend 8 hours either outside or in a school with no fans in temps hovering around 115 degrees. If they are walking around the village, they will be painting. Pray for them to have good health as they will have 9 full days of ministry & physical labor back-to-back. Pray also for their boldness to share the Gospel with anyone & everyone they meet. Pray that God would use this trip to teach them more about Himself than they ever imagined. Pray that their eyes would be open to the lostness of the nations & God would call some (or ALL!) to go to the uttermost parts of the world to share His name with those that have never heard.

Pray for those in Boubon who will encounter these students & may hear the Gospel for the first time. Pray they would be receptive & that God's sheep would hear His voice. Pray that many would choose to follow Christ as they hear about His salvation & love for them. Pray that God would make it clear & obvious to those that listen to the Gospel that He is THE only True God! Pray also for the school officials who will be there to watch the students work day in & day out. Pray that they would see the love of Christ through these students, they would be open to hearing the Gospel & they too would choose to believe.

Pray for all involved (our team, the CU team, the translators, national partners & painting supervisor) to have good health during this week. Pray for all of us to stay focused on the ultimate task at hand ... sharing Christ with those that have never heard!

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