Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Weekly Prayer Focus: the Foxes

Please be in prayer for the Fox family this week. They are wrapping up their final week of training in Virginia & will then spend the next 3 weeks saying goodbye to friends & family in the States. This is always a very difficult part of being a missionary ... always having to say goodbye. While one is excited about the call God has placed on their life & excited about finally getting to the place that you've prayed about for years, it's also hard to say goodbye to your family, not knowing when you'll see them again, & also to your home & all you've ever known.

The most important part of saying goodbyes for missionaries is to make sure they are meaningful. You never know what God's plans are & when or if you'll see someone again. So please pray for the Foxes over the next few weeks - that they would be able to have meaningful, quality time with their friends & families & that, while sadness will be there amongst the goodbyes, there would also be a sweet "sending off" from their loved ones as they embark on this new journey in their lives.

Pray for their 3 young children who have been uprooted & moved from here to there & all around over the last few months. Just as they were getting used to their new "home" in Richmond, they'll be plucked from that & starting on another 3 week journey of saying goodbye to their grandparents, aunts, uncles, & cousins. After all is said & done, they'll hop on 4 planes & land in a country that they've never seen, to see a people that looks nothing like them & says nothing they can understand, in an environment that their bodies are not used to feeling, hearing, seeing or smelling.

It's a lot to process & deal with as an adult. It's even more so for a child. Please pray for their children now that during these 3 weeks that God would begin to prepare them for this huge transition. Pray for their time with their families & friends as well. Pray that God would do a work that only He can do by allowing their minds & bodies to adjust quickly to all that is happening around them.

Pray also that Jody & Sarah would be able to find rest amidst all the busyness of saying goodbyes & packing. Pray that their spirits would be full & that those around them will build them up in encouragement & love as they prepare to leave.

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