Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Weekly Prayer Focus: Emily & Erin

Please be in prayer for Emily & Erin this week. These girls are our summer interns who are doing ministry in Boubon. They have completed their week of language learning & their first 3 day stint in Boubon. They have great attitudes & have already formed relationships with women in Boubon. As our national partners have worked in this village for 3 months, their focus was to reach the men of Boubon. Emily & Erin's goal is to find women or groups of women who are interested in the Gospel & begin to minister to them.

The first few nights in Boubon were tough for the girls as it is unbearably hot. They are in a new country, speaking a new language, dealing with a difficult climate in a very unfamiliar environment. Just imagine going from "college life" to sleeping outside in 100 degree weather (at night!) while donkeys bray at 3 am, dogs bark all hours & women are chit chatting way past midnight. You wake up & have to get your own water in a bucket, use the "restroom" which is a hole in the ground, shower outside with said bucket, eat breakfast & then try & figure out what you are going to do that day with your very limited language.

You walk around & people stare at you, they say things that you don't quite understand, you feel like a child because you can't put a complete sentence together ... oh & it's 115 degrees & there is no a/c &, if you're lucky, the power may work for a few hours & you can get a nice cool breeze from your pedestal fan. And that's all before 10 a.m.!

That is what these girls signed up for this summer!! And, although they still have great spirits about their new life & passion to see the women of Boubon worshipping the one True God, the environment that surrounds them is, nevertheless, draining & difficult.

Would you please pray for them this week? Pray for them to continue to find joy in their struggles. Pray for them to excel in their language. Pray for the nights to be cooler & their bodies to adjust quicker to the heat. Pray for them to learn even quicker how to survive in Boubon so that they can begin to thrive. Pray for God to draw them to the women that He is already calling to Himself. Pray for rest & peace at night while they sleep; that they may sleep deeply & their ears to be muted to the 10,000 other sounds that would normally keep them awake. Pray for them to remain healthy & strong as the heat takes a toll on their bodies.

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