Tuesday, December 3, 2013

What Do the Foxes Say? (December 2013)

This month we want to share about a ministry that is run by the Songhai team. It is called NLTS, which stands for Niamey Leadership Training School. Basically, it is an oral Bible school. Every few months, a group of believers are invited to come for 3 days for a concentrated time of Bible teaching and training. They are also able to fellowship with believers from other villages, which is especially beneficial for those who are the ONLY believer in their village.

Different topics are taught each session. The next course will take place this week (Dec. 2-4) and Jody will be teaching the synoptic gospels. Pray for Jody as he opens up God’s Word to these men. We expect 15-20 men to participate.

The school has existed for only 1 1/2 years, so in a way it is still a work in progress and adjustments are being made to make it better and more effective with each session.

One major challenge is difference in learning styles. Nigeriens do not learn in the same way as Americans. They are oral learners and most of the men we work with have not learned to read or write. So, when teaching we have to keep that in mind. They can’t open up the Bible and follow along and they can’t take notes of the teachings to refer to in the future. Everything taught has to be taught in a way that makes sense to them and also in a way that can be remembered so that they can teach others.

Pray for NLTS and our team as we seek to teach and train Songhai believers to grow in their faith and to take that message to other Songhai people.

·       Praise the Lord for giving us health and protection this past month.
·       Pray for the ‘motorcycle man’ who has recently confessed Christ. Pray that he will have the time and desire to be discipled.
·       Pray for the many gospel seeds which have been planted in Boubon. Pray that we may continue to water them and that God would give growth.
·       Pray for Jody as he teaches at NLTS Dec. 2-4.
·       Pray that we will have many summer missionaries come and serve alongside of us.
·       Praise the Lord for keeping us safe and healthy last month! We are also grateful we were able to have a ‘staycation’ in Niamey and go swimming a lot and also we were able to participate in field day again.

• C - pray that my bad dreams will go away
• J - pray that I will learn to read better so that I can get my new Bible
• L - pray for my boo-boo on my knee and pray that I can learn more Zarma

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